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Change of Address of Registered Office
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Notice of Annual General Meeting 2014
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Sale of Aeon Mukomachi retail property and On-Market Buy-Back
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2014 Annual Report and Annual Review Booklet
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Refinance of over 60% of AJA Debt and Distribution Guidance
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Welcome to Astro Japan Property Group

Astro Japan Property Group (Astro Group) is a listed property group which invests in the real estate market of Japan. Its portfolio comprises interests in office, retail and residential properties.

Astro Group is a stapled entity comprising Astro Japan Property Trust (ARSN 112 799 854) (AJT) and Astro Japan Property Group Limited (ABN 25 135 381 663) (AJCo). The units in AJT are stapled to the shares in AJCo on a one for one basis and are quoted on the Australian Securities Exchange as a stapled security under the ASX code AJA.

The Responsible Entity of AJT is Astro Japan Property Management Limited (ABN 94 111 874 563) (Responsible Entity).

Asset management services of the property portfolio in Japan are generally undertaken by Spring Investment Co., Ltd (Japan Asset Manager).







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