The Astro Group is committed to communicating with securityholders in an effective and timely manner so as to provide them with ready access to information relating to the Astro Group.  The Astro Group’s policy on communications is contained within its Continuous Disclosure Policy. Please click here to access a copy of the Continuous Disclosure Policy.

The communications policy consists of the following elements:

  • the maintenance of a website at The Astro Group encourages securityholders to utilise its website as their primary tool to access securityholder information and disclosures.  The website provides access to the following information of interest to the Astro Group securityholders that is contained in the Investor Information section:
      • detailed information regarding the Board, executive management and the business and activities of the Astro Group;
      • all ASX announcements and media releases since listing on the ASX in 2005, which are posted on the website promptly following release;
      • copies of the full-year and half-year financial reports;
      • copies of charters and relevant corporate governance policies;
      • copies of the Astro Group’s Annual Reports;
      • copies of disclosure documents relating to the Astro Group’s capital raisings; and
      • the details of the Astro Group’s Security Registry, Lind Market Servies, including a link to its website which includes a facility for securityholders to amend their particulars;
  •  the Company Secretary is appointed as the person responsible for communications with ASX, and is the person principally responsible for maintaining the Continuous Disclosure Policy;
  • communication with the media, analysts and the market generally in relation to the Astro Group activities will normally be undertaken by the Chairman, the Senior Executive and any person who is expressly authorised by the Chairman;
  • no media release of a material nature will be issued unless it has first been disclosed to the ASX; and
  • the Astro Group recognises the importance of the relationship between the Astro Group, securityholders and analysts.  From time to time the Astro Group conducts analyst and securityholder briefings and in these situations the following protocols apply:
      • no price sensitive information will be disclosed at these briefings unless it has been previously, or is simultaneously, released to the market;
      • in order to preserve transparency and confidence in the Astro Group’s disclosure practices all information given to analysts at a briefing, such as presentation slides, will also be provided to the Company Secretary for immediate release to the ASX and posted on the Astro Group’s website; and
      • all dealings with analysts will be carefully monitored by those employees participating in such dealings to ensure that material non-public information is not inadvertently disclosed and if it is, to immediately disclose that information to the ASX.