The Board of the Responsible Entity and the Board of AJCo (together referred to as the “Board”) have adopted a formal Board Charter which details the functions and responsibilities of the Board and distinguishes such functions and responsibilities from those which have been delegated to management.

Please click here to access a copy of the Board Charter.

The Board Charter provides that the Board should be of a size and composition that is conducive to effective decision making, with the benefit of a variety of perspectives and skills and in the interests of the Astro Group.

The Board currently comprises three Independent Non-Executive Directors and one Executive Director as set out in the below table.  The Board has determined the independent staus of each Director utilising the criteria recommended by the ASX Corporate Governance Council.


Name Position First Appointed
Allan McDonald Independent Non-Executive Chairman 2005
Douglas Clemson Independent Non-Executive Director 2011
Kate McCann Independent Non-Executive Director 2011
John Pettigrew Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer 2005