Senior Management of Spring Investment Co., Ltd (Japan Asset Manager) 

Eric Lucas, Executive Chairman

Eric first lived in Japan from 1985, working at the major Japanese law firm of Anderson Mori and Rabinowitz. In 1987, Eric was hired by Babcock & Brown in the U.S. and continued living in Japan on secondment representing Babcock & Brown in its Japanese joint venture, Nomura Babcock & Brown, until 1992 where he specialised in structured finance.

After several years at Babcock & Brown’s San Francisco then global head office from 1993, Eric returned to Tokyo in 1998, when he established the Japan Asset Manager as an investor in and asset manager of Japanese real estate.  In July 2006, Eric was appointed Global Head of Real Estate at Babcock & Brown.

Eric resigned as Managing Director of AJT on 16 April 2009 at which time he was appointed Senior Advisor to the Board of AJT.

Eric holds a law degree from the University of Melbourne in Australia.

Osamu Pedro Ebinuma, President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr Osamu Pedro Ebinuma joined the Japan Asset Manager in January 2015, and has assumed the role of President and Chief Executive Officer since 1 April, 2015.

Mr Ebinuma started his career at Kajima Corporation in 1990, and managed various types of development projects both in Japan and U.S for 10 years.  From 2000, he acted as a head of acquisition of a Morgan Stanley’s asset management company working for MSREF related funds, and thereafter from 2003 to 2009, a head of asset management, Japan and head of acquisition, Japan of Deutsche Securities working for RREEF funds in Tokyo.

Before joining the Japan Asset Manager, he worked for IDERA Capital Management, a Japanese asset management company formerly known as MK Capital Management, as Chief Investment Officer.  He devoted himself to raise funds with European investors, and expand IDERA’s fund and asset management businesses providing services to globally known U. S. investors and domestic financial institutions.

Mr Ebinuma holds Master and Bachelor of Science degrees from Tokyo Institute of Technology, and has first-class certified architect, real estate broker and second-class certified security broker licenses.

Naoto Yabu, Head of Asset Management

Mr Yabu joined the Japan Asset Manager in 2006.

Mr Yabu was formerly with ORIX Corporation in the overseas real estate division, including seven years in an asset management role in the U.S. He was also an Executive Director of ORIX Asset Management Corporation, an asset management subsidiary for ORIX JRIET, at its listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2002. Mr Yabu holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Kobe University and is a licensed real estate broker.